Aladdin Pants

So, there is this new fashion. This has to be the ultimate sin in the name of Crimes of Fashion. Not only do young french women only wear only black (see previous post), but they wear this, and I have mostly seen it worn with those black velvet Vans. Huh? I mean at least most of the women are so classy and elegant with the black, but THIS? :

I like to call them Aladdin pants, and I have heard people call them Genie pants, but I think the actual term is Afghan pants. it’s all the rage here in Europe. If it arrives to the US, please shoot me.

Credit to:

UPDATE in 2019: This is possible the least culturally sensitive observation I’ve made about French/European fashion, but then I should have actually talked about how this fashion statement could possibly be cultural appropriation of Middle Eastern styles….


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