Bisous Bisous

It is something normal here to see two grown men greet eachother with a kiss on each cheek. To Faire les bises is somewhat more complicated then what I am used to. Most Latin@s/Latin-Americans greet each other with one kiss on the right cheek. Men DO NOT kiss each other to greet, unless it really is a deep moment between family members or close friends. Going into my 5th month in France now, I am now use to the sight. It is so much less awkward to simply say hello with the Bisous. Do not hesitate to introduce yourself to a friend’s friend that is a stranger to you, that cancels out the “should I hug them or shouldn’t I hug them” pondering.

Don’t freak out though. There are many French men that do not partake in faire-ing les bises with other men, so they share a harty hand shake.

The amount of Bisous that are shared vary by region. Provence is very different, but in Aix it is mostly just 2. In Marseille you may see up to 4. That was crazy head movement that one time I saw it!

Faire les bises
Faire les bises


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