The 3rd Annual Latino Gala

Cosmic Origins: Celebrando Nuestras Raices

Latino Culture Show sneak-peak
Latino Gala Scholarship Award- High School Seniors
Commemoration to graduating seniors
Commemoration to community member
Live Music
Art Exhibition
Dance Performance
Free Food: University Catering
DJ and open dancing

*Formal Attire Requested*

Purpose: The 2010 Latino Gala is an opportunity for the University of Michigan Latino community and allies to come together in unity, and celebrate Latino success on campus and beyond. We will be commemorating the accomplishments of community members off campus, graduating seniors, and graduating high school seniors. In addition, we will showcase different forms of expression of art that represent our culture.

An important question: How do your origins as a Latino make you unique, yet still connect you to other Latinos?

The idea that our origins are “cosmic” is that it represents our culture which is diverse, extensive, far-reaching and constantly evolving. Cosmic is defined as global, huge, immense, infinite, limitless, universal, and vast. The Latino culture consists of Indigenous roots, African roots, European roots, Arabic roots, and the list goes on. Whether you speak Spanish or not, we want to embrace Latino culture with its heterogeneous components.

This is open to Latino students, allies, faculty, staff, and the community outside of UM.

10th Annual Latin@ Culture Show
Date: Friday, April 16th 2010
Time: 7pm
Location: Lydia Mendelssohn Theater

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