Introducing: Gabriela Nivela

Introducing our new blog contributor: Gabriela Nivela

So far, the @Travel_Latina instagram account has allowed me to connect with wonderful women who are excited and supportive about what I am doing. She reached out to me early on, and featured me on a Tumblr she co-manages called Reclaiming the Latina Tag. I am honored to announce that she will start posting blogs along side my posts.

Gabriela Nivela is an Ecuadorian born Latina who can’t seem to stand still: having lived in Spain and Canada, she followed her passion for languages and adventure to Germany, where she currently resides. In addition to her deep-rooted love of travel, educating herself and others about social issues has become one of her biggest past-times. You’ll often find her in bed curled with her cat, eating fries and reading non-fiction. She’s also a very proud contributor to and Belladonna magazine ( You can follow her brown girl adventures on Instagram at gabi_niv.

Please read Gabriela’s post about visiting Salzburg, Austria coming soon!

We are currently looking for Latinas who would like to contribute to this blog. Even if you want to contribute one or several posts about your travels, that would be a tremendous contribution! Contact me through any means listed on the Contact Me page.

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