Introducing: Bianca Guerrero

Yet another blog contributor has joined us! Here is what Bianca Guerrero has to say:

“I’m a New York native but my family has roots in the Dominican Republic. I’m currently in my junior year of college, studying political science and maybe sociology or Hispanic Studies. Things about graduation are very uncertain, but hopefully I’ll spend my days researching education policy in and outside of the United States. My opportunities to travel arose while in college: I’ve been able to take funded trips to Spain, England, and Japan in my first two years at Columbia University. I spent one month in Barcelona researching the Catalan independence movement one year ago.  I fell so hard for the city that I decided to apply to study abroad there next spring. This past summer, I spent ten days on an incredible study tour of Japan. I got to see three cities and one village, and learned so much about Japanese culture, people, and history. After that, I spent a whole month in England as an intern at Manchester City FC’s community foundation.

I don’t know where life will lead me next, but hopefully it’ll involve a new passport stamp! Traveling is the ultimate hands-on learning experience. I learn most when I’m on the edge of or completely outside of my comfort zone and traveling pushes me to those points. My habits of taking calculated risks and detailed plans for the future are rendered useless when abroad, which I love. I hope to depict the places I’ve been to in an honest, realistic light, rather than an idealized fairytale experience. That way, other Latinas can read and relate to my stories and think of travel as well within their reach!”

Look for Bianca’s post about her trip to Japan coming soon! In the meantime check out her own blogTwitter, Instagram, and VSCO.

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