Introducing: Cindy Medina

Cin is a Latina with Salvadoran roots, born and raised in Los Angeles. She graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a degree in Sociology. Her studies focused on the impact of Latinos in the United States and the development, inequality, and social movements in Latin America. Her first independent trip abroad was through La Union Salvadoreña de Estudiantes Universitarios, where she studied at the la Universidad de El Salvador. It was this trip that brought everything that she had read and studied about, out from the books and into reality. Her desire to learn more about Latin America led her to study in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she became fluent in Portuguese and lived the Carioca lifestyle. Cin’s ultimate goal is to travel to every country in Latin America to learn more about every country’s unique culture, taste its delicious food, learn more dancing moves, gain political consciousness, but most importantly to connect and educate herself about the reality of people in different countries. Traveling abroad has taught her that there is no right or wrong way to live life and that success can be defined and lived in a variety of ways. Cin hopes that by sharing her experiences she will inspire other latin@s and students of color to explore outside of their comfort zones!

Personal interests: Yoga, dance, cats, fashion, photography, writing, beach, helping others, and Rio de Janeiro!

You can keep up with Cin through her personal travel blog and Instagram.

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