Introducing: Ana S. Wildgust

Ana was born in the northeast of Brazil but has grown up in Florida for most of her life. She is a champagne drinking, cupcake eating girl with an incurable case of wanderlust. Always the creative type, she studied Graphic Design and now shares her travels through writing and photography. She has traveled back to her homeland of Brazil, Mexico many times, various Caribbean Islands and multiple visits to Europe as well. Her love of art, design & music bring her to festivals and museums in big and small cities. The nerd in her loves history so monuments or World Heritage sites are definitely on the list. Lastly, her passion for diving and the great outdoors always take her back to some tropical island, national park or coastal town. When she is not travelling, you can find her out for a walk in the park with her husband and dogs or enjoying a lazy Saturday at the local farmer’s market. Her motto is to go chasing adventure, experiences and most of all to chase life! So go explore this amazing world we live in.

Check out more of Ana’s adventures through her blog “Chasing Wildgusts.”

One Comment

  1. Jessica

    Yay for Ana! The photography and her natural beauty make her blog such a joy to visit! And without a doubt, she knows what she’s talking about when she writes about her travels. Can’t wait to see where she’s next.

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