Introducing: Fredelinda Pena

The indelible Fredelinda Pena is on assignment discovering her true life’s passion. Along the way, she has implemented her aspirations to travel the far corners of our global community, discovering the cultural diversities of its inhabitants and cuisines, while advancing her culinary skills and irresistible affection for photography.

The ruminations of her journey, led Fredelinda to the Blogosphere, creating her sanctuary, ModernMuza — a weblog of thoughts of the modern explorer. Reading the blog, you’ll get a true and honest perspective of the many countries she has visited. You’ll also discover a compilation of her multiple experiences on travel, a variety of cooking ideas from a global angle, and her creative approach to photography. Through her blog, she connects with her audience by exploring different cultures and travel adventures, allowing her experiences to inspire her culinary skills and photography.

Being an entrepreneur is an opportunity we seek to grasp firmly on to our life’s work which can be described as a series of actions, memories, experiences, thoughts and emotions. Fredelinda Pena is on high pursuit to captivate an attentive audience of travelers, cooks, and culture enthusiasts, to which will serve as a stepping stone to climb her entrepreneurial ambitions. She currently resides in New York City and is passionate about her Dominican Heritage. Follow her adventures at and Instagram @modernmuza.


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