Why Not Colombia?

She greeted me with a smile, exhibiting the abundance of her hidden treasures – A landscape rich as gold, shimmering all the way to your imagination. She knows! Once you set your eyes on her; she will trap you with her cultural charm. Despite her controversial past, Colombia has many things that will captivate you: culture, its rich history, and delectable flavors just to name a few. Some people are skeptical about developing a relationship with this country due to unfavorable comments regarding drugs, violence, and lack of security. But let’s just think for a moment. Which country in the world hasn’t been a target of such atrocities? It’s an unfortunate fact that the world is a magnet for violence due to many factors. It shouldn’t intimidate or deter you from enjoying its efflorescence. Colombia’s past can be deceptive due to the fact it doesn’t reveal the beauty behind her name. Let me show you how she put a move on me!

With a bellicose beat in my heart, upon arrival at the Alfonso Bonilla Aragon Airport in Cali. I immediately thought this is not what I chronicled in my mind prior to landing. To my surprise, I was welcomed with such a calm spirit; a honey covered accent revealing the friendly atmosphere. As I proceeded to my destination, the car engaging with the wind revealed all the exposed aromas in the streets of Cali. I can still hear those seductive sounds of Salsa decorating the streets of the city; a trance screaming in your ear for a dance partner. Cali is considered by many as the Salsa capital of the world, a place where starving feet are fed with exotic sounds of Afrobeats leaving you hungry for more. With that said, One area where this rhythmic joy is found is on a street called, La Sexta (Sixth Avenue). Plush with many nightclubs, it has an overabundance of selections of Salsa spots catering to both Salsa lovers and amateurs.

 Guide Alert: Best Salsa Night Clubs in Cali

Tropical Cocktails Bar: Address: Avenida 9N # 10 – 65, Cali

Phone: (57 2) 6677348 Web: www.tropicalcocktails.com.co

Chango Club Cali: Address: Km 3 Via Cavasa (Juanchito)  

Phone: (57 2) 662 9701 www.chango.com.co

Kukamakara:Address: Calle 28N No 2bis-97 Phone: (57 2) 653 5389 http://www.kukaramakara.com

Cali is a city that will leave you breathless because of its pleasurable experiences for all wonderlusters. Not only because of its nocturnal nature, but it also has a countryside of magnificent views.  Many “Calenos” retreat on the weekend to “La Finca,” (meaning Ranch in Spanish), a more serene side of Cali. One of my favorite highlights of my trip in route to the boonies was the picturesque slideshow of Mother Nature. She was a random dance of many hues: green, brown, and blue wrapping the hills of Cali. Your list will not be complete without taking a trip to these beautiful rolling lush acreages.


The City of Cartagena lies just on the Northern Coast of Colombia. The City of the Indies is the 5th largest City in Colombia. Besides its geographical features, it is an area which attracts many visitors. While visiting this marvelous city, I was introduced to its diverse gastronomy- a culture shock to my expectation of typical Colombian food. Cartagena delighted me with its alluring flavors wrapped with a local touch and mantled with a global taste. Below is an emblematic list of my cherished restaurants in Cartagena.


Guide Alert: Favorite Restaurants in Cartagena

Primo Amore (Pizza) https://www.facebook.com/primoamorelapizzeria#_=_

El Boliche Cebicheria (Ceviche) http://ticartagena.com/en/things-to-do/restaurants/scintillating-ceviche-at-el-boliche-cebicheria/

La Cocina de socorro (Colombian) Address: 38, Cra. 8b #24, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia Phone:+57 5 6602044 https://www.facebook.com/pages/La-Cocina-de-Socorro/165549770166789

This is simply a written rampage of my favorite places in Colombia. I’m sure there are many more but, I’m leaving it up to you to extend the list, developing a tourist dialogue about Colombia. Forgo any return policy and join me on this literal expedition to Cali.

 Have you been to Colombia? If so, please share your favorite places below as well as travel tips.





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