Introducing: Melissa Moreno

Here is what Melissa had to say about herself:

“I am a Chicana from Los Angeles California currently living in Long Beach. Traveling has been something that I have done since I was about 10 years old. My parents traveled from Mexico to Los Angeles almost every year by car. I always believe my parents felt torn between two different worlds the country they were born in and the country they wanted their children to succeed and grow up in. I very much always felt the love my parents had for their country and that later influenced me to want to travel to other parts of the world. On our yearly trips to Mexico I grew to love this country from its desert areas of Mexicali to its beautiful beaches of Puerto Vallarta. This and our yearly camping trips to various locations in California drew my curiosity to see other parts of the world. I thank my parents for instilling this curiosity in me and hope to take them along in my travels when I get older and financially can afford it.

My love for my culture and country influenced me to go on and receive a dual major in Chicano Studies and Sociology from Cal State Los Angeles.  I later pursued a degree in public administration from Cal State Northridge and became a case worker for the following 9 years. My passions are running and have completed two marathons in my life.  I went on to take some of the budgeting skills I learned through traveling and I went on and bought my first home two years ago. I started my blog as a means of connecting my personal experiences with my travels and as a way of inspiring other Latinas to be inspired and transformed by traveling as I have. Traveling to Japan, Thailand and Morocco are high on my bucket list and will also be traveling to Canada later this year. My desire is to travel around the world at least once before I die.”

Follow Melissa through her travel blog or on Instagram @melijill.

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