Introducing: Char Stoever

Char J. Stoever was born in Morelia, Mexico and grew up in Moses Lake, Washington. While at Wellesley College, she gravitated toward learning French and enjoyed being in language classrooms the most. She studied abroad in southern France in 2011 and fell in love with solo travel. She has tutored high schoolers with City Year San Antonio and taught at Brooke Charter School in Boston. In August 2014, she began her 27-month commitment to train English Teachers with Peace Corps Nicaragua, but she has discovered her job to be so much more than that.

She is the coordinator for the Peace Corps Nicaragua’s LGBT support group, STAR, she is an editor of the Va Pué volunteer magazine, and she is the social media manager for Peace Corps Nicaragua’s Gender and Development Committee. Char writes for Wanderful, Peace Corps Passport, Wanderlust Life Magazine, and Go Abroad. She enjoys cooking bacon, wearing parrot-shaped earrings, drinking dragon fruit juice, being in air conditioning, breaking the ice about mental health, and painting portraits of the locals she meets.

Char believes in the power of traveling vulnerably, so learn more about her on her personal page and find her on social media as The Vulnerable Traveler. Connect with her via facebook, twitter, instagram, and LinkedIn and reach her at

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