NYC Meetup Pics & A New Resource Group for Viajeras!

Travel Latina has its first NYC Meetup last month, and the event was a blast!

Damaly arranged for a wonderful tour of the Spanish Harlem Murals and our group walked around on a gorgeous, early fall day to enjoy some of the area’s rich culture and history.

We rounded out the day with a talk led by Monica, and we all agreed that we’re all very happy to find a network of women who share a love of travel. It was great to see something new in the city, but also meet real Latinas who are better representations than those we see in media. We’re really happy to meet our community members!

We’ve created a new Facebook Group for your fellow viajeras that’s all about talking travel. Check it out!

Here are some fantastic pics by Fredelinda and Victoria, and we hope you join us for the next one.

Where should we meet up  next? Let us know in the comments!





    1. Alexandra Tracy Chavarriaga

      We are organizing a Meet-Ups 101 document, so maybe we can have one in FL! Stay tuned. I’m sure one of the other bloggers would love to collaborate with you there.

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