How to Feature Your Photography on Travel Latina

Series 1 – The Most Colorful Photography Featured on TL
Series 2 – The Most Creative Photography Featured on TL
Series 3 – The Most Unique Places Featured on TL

Do you want your travel photography to be featured on TL? Or maybe you just want to learn how to take better photos for your memories, for your social media posts, or to share with your loved ones? This post is inspired by our followers, as well as the fact that Harvard is now offering a free online photography course, so you should all sign up for that! We truly believe you can take high quality photos without needing a professional camera. Following is our tips we offer in order for you to grab our attention so we can share your unique photography, story, perspective, and/or diversity:

-Take photos either before or after the brightest part of the day for the best lighting. The middle of the day light is way too bright and adds too many shadows. Try not to take photos in a shaded area for the highest quality photos. Natural light makes a brilliant photo even with the most basic camera or phone. You can play with shadowing as long as it doesn’t darken your face completely so that it’s hard to see.

-Make sure there are no plastic bottles or random objects in the photo that take away attention from the focus. Other examples of objects that create “noise” are: a phone, a bag, trash, crowds/people, etc. These objects could be held by the person who is the focal point (I will call them the protagonist), or in the background left behind by the protagonist, or uncontrollable because it was part of the setting beforehand (therefore a photo shouldn’t be taken there).

– Try to make sure there aren’t some people or a crowd far in the background. I usually try to photoshop people in the background by “smudging” them if I like a photo enough.

-The protagonists body cut off looks a bit awkward. This may just be personal opinion, but I think a picture looks better if the protagonist isn’t cut in half, legs cut off, or feet cut off by the photo. It all depends (since I have posted some “cut off” photos), but sometimes it’s the details that count.

-Colors: this isn’t as important, but colors make a photo more interesting. I advise people to not wear patterns as much as a solid bright color, especially if you know everything else in the background is going to be a certain color. For example, the opposite of green on the color wheel is red, so if you are visiting a forest or largely green area, it’s best to wear a lot of red to make the photo pop. If you will be surrounded with gorgeous blue waters and buildings, orange makes the photo pop. These are just examples, and you don’t have to follow the color wheel to a tee, but color makes a more interesting photo.

-A landscape photo is better than a vertically long photo or a perfectly square photo almost every time

-Play around with taking photos far away, medium, and/or up-close (which means full body head to toe appears in the photo, not a selfie). Usually, a photo taken off-center is more interesting than placing the protagonist straight in the middle.

-Selfies are very obviously taken by the protagonist and hardly show enough of the background, so I keep those photos to a bare minimum. Personally, these are my least favorite to feature, maybe because I want to distinguish our photography from the mainstream.

-Sometimes it’s hard to direct a friend or random stranger on the street to take a photo exactly how you want them to. My best strategy is to take a practice photo for them to show exactly what part of the landscape you want in the photo first. Then, you show them where on that photo you want to be placed. You might have to explain that it is off-center, and that you want your full body head to toe. It takes some explanation, and it might not always work, but it is possible.

-It seems easy to want to “copy screen” of a past photo to send quickly. Please don’t do this since this decreases the quality of the photo. The higher definition of the photo, the more beautiful and striking it is. The more granular and pixelated a photo is, the less pleasing to the eye it is.


Taking the above advice into consideration to be featured on @travel_latina, please email us at and send us your original and high quality travel photography. Please don’t forget to include your Instagram name and the description of the location of each photo. Please remember to be patient since we do receive a high number of requests to be featured, but don’t be afraid to kindly follow-up after a few weeks if we still haven’t featured you.

Feliz viaje, viajeras!


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