What Travel REALLY Looks Like

We love a glam, perfectly posed travel picture as much as the next person, but Instagram doesn’t always show the realities of what you REALLY look like when on the road. We’ve asked our contributors to share a #RealTravelLook and the story behind the moment!

Share your own with us in the comments!

Juana Gallo
“No sleep, hungry and while waiting for people made a local friend in India, she was a sweeper”


“Faces of death lol… Latinxs trying to rest waiting for an over night bus to Oaxaca”


Victoria Gonzalez:
“Day 17 of solo backpacking in Europe. I smelled amazing after a 12 hour journey, and my back and shoulder were really hurting from a pulled muscle. I later had to find a doctor to treat it.”

Melissa Moreno:
“Hiking Mt. Baldy with a nose strip on my face because I couldn’t breathe due to elevation.”


Stacey Lopez:
“You can’t tell so much in this pic but I was freezing my a** off in Lima, Peru. Didn’t think to check the weather and assumed it would be summer-like, only to get there and it be full blown winter. Oops!”


Erika Del Cid:
“I worked for an organization in Ecuador that provided my housing, meals, visa, and flight accommodations in exchange for labor, however we on-call nearly 24 hrs a day for about 10 days straight without a break so it was hard to find time to take care of myself. I used any spare time to pluck my eyebrows, wash clothes, or as seen in this photo, paint my nails. This is in a park in Quito. I had been carrying around a little bottle of nail polish and seized the opportunity to paint my nails, much to the entertainment of my colleagues.”



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