The Crisp Air of Vancouver

 It was a lazy Sunday morning, I was making my way across the living room when my prima says to me, “Hey! Want to go to Canada? Roundtrip tickets are $100!” Still half asleep I respond, “umm…yeah!” As I am washing my face, the cold water making me more alert, I think to myself “wait…did I just say yes to a trip to Canada? Did she say $100?” A few weeks later my cousins and I found ourselves on a plane towards our awesome Canadian adventure!

It turns out that Allegiant Air flies to some really low-key airports across the country at affordable prices. Our flight from LAX took us to Bellingham, Washington. Where is Bellingham, Washington you may ask? I too had to look it up on Google Maps. Bellingham is a small town in northern Washington which borders with Canada. The moment we stepped out of the airport we smelled the pine trees in the air. The nice paved roads were lined up with beautiful trees on its sides. My lungs were so happy to be breathing crisp fresh air! (They don’t get that luxury living in Los Angeles). We hopped in the rental car and in an hour and half we had crossed the Canadian border and arrived in Vancouver!

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 5.22.38 PM

Vancouver! What a beautiful city! So much to do and see. The city has something for everyone. Here are some sites you can check out.

1. Downtown Vancouver


I love exploring urban environments! People rushing through the streets, the flashing lights of the city, even the crazy traffic, it all gives me life! Downtown Vancouver was an exciting part of town to walk around in. I would like to point out how clean it is! It is apparent that Canadians take their recycling and littering laws very seriously. Clean streets, fresh air, reliable public transportation, and friendly folks? Maybe there is a downtown in the world I can manage to live in! The main downtown area is not too big which means you can explore its various shops, restaurants, and landmarks in a few hours.

2. Granville Island Public Market


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Granville Island is one of my favorite spots in Vancouver. It’s a little town located on an island south of downtown. On the island you will find all types of unique restaurants, an awesome brewery, art galleries, and the best part of all…the public market! I had an appreciation for this part of town because it was where I got to see more diversity. The moment I walked into the market I could hear all the different languages being spoken and the unique smell of all the delicious food. If you are a foodie looking to try something new or someone who appreciates art this is the place to check out!

3. Stanley Park


Are you a nature lover like me? Then you will love, love, love Stanley Park! Because of its unique peninsula location the entire park is surrounded by water. It has forests, beaches, and if you look across the way you can see the Vancouver skyline. The park is so beautiful and peaceful I felt motivated to practice yoga there 🙂

4. Kitsilano Beach Park


Located on the west side of Vancouver is a quaint little neighborhood called Kitsilano. Walk over to Kitsilano Beach Park to catch an awesome sunset!

5. Capilano Suspension Bridge

I’ll let the video above show you the beauty and adventure within Capilano Suspension Bridge Park!

Pictures on this post taken by me and by Tourism Vancouver

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