What You Need to Know About Cancelling a Flight Involving Colombia

I was in Colombia this week to visit family and had a last minute change of plans, resulting in me having to figure out a way to get home. There was lots of panic over the cost and frustration with a useless insurance policy.

I flew JetBlue and didn’t purchase their flexible ticket option, so I searched around and found that Colombia’s aviation administration issued new rules in 2015 that generously protects passengers…including what happens when you have to cancel a flight.

“When you a purchase a ticket from any booking channel in Colombia and/or your trip itinerary originates in Colombia, you can request a refund within at least twenty four (24) hours before the flight departs, in which case JetBlue can retain ten percent (10%) or fifty dollars (USD$50) of the base fare (whichever is less).”

If the ticket is purchased in the US, you can use the Law of Retraction in which JetBlue takes 10% from the base fare or $50, whichever is the smaller amount. A credit is then given to you in their Travel Bank and you can use it within the year.”


I called up JetBlue and my customer service agent didn’t know about the policy, so I directed her to their website and was on hold for a bit while they figured it out. They were super great and helped me out!

Since I purchased my flight directly from JetBlue and reside in the US, I was eligible to use the Law of Retraction resulting in a $198 travel credit that must be used within the year, and the airline only kept $12.06.

This amazing policy is not just applicable for JetBlue flights, and there are other details that may also benefit you. It was really refreshing to see this kind of protection for travelers and also a reminder that there may be rules in that small print of your ticket that could save you a lot of trouble.

Now what to do with this travel credit…

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