The Most Unique Places Featured on TL

The best part of featuring travel photography is that we get to see where most Latinxs travel to, while learning about brand new places we have never heard of!

Based on our usual featured photos, the most popular destinations for Latinxs are Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Cuba, Thailand, France, Spain, Greece, Indonesia, and Morocco. We love every pic and encourage you to keep getting those passport stamps. Remember: there’s no wrong way to do it!

Whether it’s a secret location off the beaten path in the USA, or a city in an ill-frequented country, these fresh, unique spots below stick out to us the most…and are next on our travel lists.

This is the last edition in our photography series, inspired by “How to Feature Your Photography on Travel Latina“, and we hope you enjoyed them.

To be featured on @travel_latina, email us at and send us your original and high quality travel photography. Don’t forget to include your Instagram name and the description of the location of each photo. Please remember to be patient since we do receive a high number of requests to be featured, but don’t be afraid to kindly follow-up after a few weeks if we still haven’t featured you.

Feliz viaje, viajeras!

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