Celebrating Culture Through Traditional Dress is a Form of Travel

Whether you wear your traditional clothing from the motherland while exploring, or you are celebrating your culture in your hometown outside of the motherland, both are equal forms of travel. Maybe you are performing a Folklórico dance at an art museum in Philadelphia you have never visited. Maybe it is “International Day” at school in California. Maybe your spiritual center is offering a cultural day where you get to show your pride, and learn about other countries in Michigan. Maybe your cultural dance group gets to travel to the next city over in Florida to perform. These are some of our favorite photos to feature considering the fact that it feels as if one is transported to the motherland when shared with others. Through these different photos, you allow people to see a small snapshot of what it feels like to be visiting the country you or your family are from.

“No dejes que te roben tu alegría, tu orgullo, tu poder” -@amandaalarah
“I am my Ancestors’ Wildest Dreams” -@marley_marz

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@annabel.delrey at la Bufa #TravelLatina #Latina

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@lalalopez a bit of Mexico in PR #TravelLatina #Latina

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BONUS! The funniest outfit award for celebrating culture goes to:


  1. AJ

    Gorgeous traditional clothes! But do you think it would be cultural appropriation if people from a different culture wore them?

    1. Alexandra Tracy Chavarriaga

      I personally don’t think it’s appropriation if a) the culture is being respected by way of genuinely educating others about where it is from, the meaning, history, etc; b) that only people from that culture should gain the majority of the profit from selling the outfits, fabrics, etc; and c) that it isn’t being used as a Halloween costume.

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