Fit on the Fly

There is nothing more empowering than feeling strong, kicking butt, pushing your body to the limit, and hitting your goals. For me, exercise brings a sense of confidence and love for my body for being so amazing. Sometimes I feel the most grateful for life and the universe after a killer workout because I’m so amazed at what my body can do.  Listen to your heart pumping so hard to carry more oxygen to your fingers and toes! Look at those muscles!!! Look at at these incredible bodies we have been blessed with! And let’s take a minute and be vain: damnnnn gurlll (or boiiii), show off those legz… they’re looking toned as helllll! And I see that baby 6-pack growing under there. And most importantly, who needs boob contour when you’ve been doing pushups? #PectoralsOnFleek

Right now, I’m the most fit I’ve been in my life, but it hasn’t been a walk in the park, especially with my travel-bug. My exercise routine has been disrupted many times, but here is what I have found works for me to keep me healthy, strong, and kick-ass while traveling the world!

  1. Be grateful and appreciative of the body you have now.

I was originally going to call this “love your body”, but I know first hand how difficult that can be. Like many of you, I have always, and I STILL have things about my body’s appearance that I dislike, or things that I would consider “fixing” with surgery, and honestly, I don’t know if I’ll ever be completely happy with how it looks. But something I CAN do, and something I think we can all acknowledge is how much our bodies do for us every second of our lives. Your body grew you from a little peanut baby into a full-grown adult! You have eyes that you can use to see, process, and internalize information! You can LEARN! You can be a spiritual being! Your heart is constantly beating for YOU! You can run and feel the wind on your face!! And if you have been #blessed with a uterus, you might even be able to create your own little human one day! I could go on and on about how amazing our bodies are. And honestly, I’m so, SO, SO incredibly grateful for everything that my body has allowed me to experience. I take care of my body, I love my body, and I am grateful for everything it does for me. And from there, from that heartfelt perspective of thankfulness, I exercise.

  1. Get a personal trainer for when you are in town (and develop a huge crush on him/her).

Now that we have the intention, lets focus on the action. I know that personal trainers can be expensive, but TRUST ME, it’s SO WORTH IT!! Even if you only meet a few times a month, it’s still worth it. Let’s be real: how many of those machines in the gym to you REALLY know how to use? Do you understand technique? Do you know how to prevent injuries? Do you know what weights are appropriate for you? A trainer can help you learn all these things, to the point where you might not even need him/her anymore! Now when I walk into a gym, I feel like a Boss Ass Lady next to all the meatheads because “damn right I know how to use this machine”, and “hell yeah, my technique is on point”. I own this place.

Now, trainers help you learn, and help motivate you, but what’s even better than having a normal trainer is having a HANDSOME trainer! I am in love with my trainer, and although he doesn’t speak one word or English, and I don’t speak one word of Chinese, we have a special connection! He gives me little oranges after our workouts and tells me I’m strong and beautiful (through our English- Chinese translator app, of course). I never cancel appointments with him, even if I’m so hungover my head is going to explode, because every meeting with my trainer is really just a hot date in disguise. Can you think of a better gym motivation? I think not.

  1. Incorporate sports and activities into your trips.

Do a bicycle tour, try a ropes course, hiking trip, kayaking, or anything that will get you moving! Think about making your entire trip about exercise. Move, move, move!

  1. Find a gym near you, and get creative with your routines.

A lot of hotels have gyms, and if they don’t (or if you’re at a hostel), there’s a 90% chance they have some sort of business arrangement with a gym nearby. Just ask.

  1. If all else fails, do pushups, sit-ups, and then squats holding your luggage.

I wish I were joking, but I’m really not. I have been known to do a few squats holding my suitcase. It works. just make sure you’ve worked with your trainer to assure you always have proper form so that you don’t get hurt! Try to do 100 pushups before bed! Run up and down the stairs! The world is your playground.


Saigon, Vietnam

6. Try unconventional workouts, and push your comfort zone.

I HATE cardio. Really, I won’t run for a second even if my handsome trainer tells me to (and I do everything he says). BUT, I found out that my gym has an awesome spin class where they blast reggaeton and simulate a bike trip in the Swiss Alps. Reggaeton party in the Swiss alps on a bicycle? Who hates cardio again?

Find something you don’t like, and do it. Don’t like being touched? Barely like hugging people? Try acro yoga. Scared of heights? Try rock climbing. TRUST ME. Nothing is more empowering than overcoming a fear in the most physical, tangible way possible.

7.Wear workout clothes that make you feel like a Boss.

I TOTALLY underestimated this. I was always one of those “I’m above the capitalistic trends, I’ll just wear a t-shirt. Workout clothes don’t matter”,  kind of girls. BUT…the way you dress and look impacts how you feel. You need to be able to look in the mirror and be like, “damn, girl got swag” and use that to motivate you to push harder and stretch your limits. Need I say more?

There you have it folks! Stay fit on the fly!! Move you body! Stay strong, nimble and free in body and mind! And remember, always stay grateful.

Bestie workouts in Vietnam

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