My First Solo Trip

Why does being single, going out to dinner alone, or a movie by yourself seem so taboo? Is this just generational thinking in our society? I suppose it took me a while to be OK with things like that, but traveling alone was something I had yet to explore. With no real preparation, it sort of just happened one day on what started as a week vacation to Jaco, Costa Rica. I had recently broken up with my partner of 5 years so I was ready to get away for a bit.

Jaco Beach by our Hotel

We had a blast in Costa Rica. We went on a boat tour to visit come crocs with the Crocodile Man Tour.

Playing with the giant crocs

We went to visit the Arenal Volcano.

Manuel Antonio Park and Beaches

ATV Riding

Deep Sea Fishing – Stung by a jelly fish but still enjoyed beer.

Deep Sea Fishing

There was one day in particular that made me question all of my life’s decisions. In Manuel Antonio, there is a small secluded beach called Playa Hemelas and I was sitting there looking out into the gorgeous blue ocean, listening to the waves crashing, I had my epiphany. It hit me hard, and I knew it just felt right. I knew at that moment that I just couldn’t go back to my old boring office job and that lifestyle. I had experienced freedom like I had never known and I wanted more.

My life wasn’t horrible back home, but I wasn’t fully satisfied either. So it was then I made my decision to quit my job and stay in Costa Rica for a while longer. It was crazy I know. But it felt so right. I didn’t really care about my boring job, I was single, I had some savings and I was already in Central America. It felt like perfect timing. I had dreamt about just quitting my job and escaping somewhere far but until then I didn’t have the guts to go through with it.

Jaco Beach
It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. I had never traveled alone to a foreign country. I would never be the same after this experience and I was excited and terrified all at the same time. Was I out of my mind? I basically quit my whole life as I knew it to start something new, something I had dreamt about my whole life.

Exploring Playa Hermosa

I enjoyed just exploring on my own, no real plan, just getting know the area and the locals.

I was finally happy! Super 100% without a doubt, genuinely happy!

Playa Hemelas

After spending a couple of weeks in Costa Rica, I decided I still wasn’t ready to go back home. This new found freedom was addicting.

Deep Sea Fishing

Next country was Belize. I made my way along the “Gringo Trail” in Central America. No longer afraid to be alone, completely dependent on me, myself and I, and the freedom to come and go on my schedule, I was hungry to visit as many places as I could.


Xunantunich Ruins entrance

I planned on visiting some of the ancient ruins near by. I had to take a bus and walk to the draw bridge that was the entrance to Xunantunich Ruins.

Lost in thought at the ruins

I realized I was on a journey of self discovery.

I spent several months backpacking around Central America visiting BelizeGuatemala and Mexico. There is no experience like traveling alone in a foreign country, completely dependent on yourself. I highly recommend it at least once. It changes you. You really learn about yourself. I kind of felt invincible.

Let me know about your solo travel experiences.

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