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Carina is a Brasileira passionate about travel, so when she decided to follow her passions, she decided to work in tourism. With ten years of experience in this industry, travel agencies, events and armed with extensive education and planning, she acquired a complete know-how and vision of the entire sector. As an Aquarian, she has always cherished the freedom of being, creativity in relationships, and changes in time. With an entrepreneurial vision, she knew that she had to create a project in line with her style.

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Black Travels: Why and How did it start?
Black Travelers gained momentum after Carina’s trip to Europe in 2015. During this time she traveled to 7 countries, met many people from different parts of the world and saw some Black people, though not many. As a result, she thought of something that could make a difference when it came to connecting Black people who travel around the world. Something which allowed them to share their experiences and offering a differentiated travel service in Brazil, revealing its rich Afro-Brazilian culture through local experiences, connecting them to real Brazil that is not presented in travel guides.

The Beija-Flor samba school parades during the Rio de Janeiro's Carnival

Rio Carnival 2019 Trip
What better way to visit Brazil than for Rio de Janeiro’s carnival? Black Traveler’s has organized a robust 7-day trip to enjoy the beauty and celebration of the world’s most famous Carnival:

Day 1) Welcome Dinner – Welcome to Brazil!

Upon arrival you will be met at the airport by Black Travelers representatives and transported to your accommodations.   It’s time to feel the energy of the Marvelous City!

At nightfall, we’ll gather for a true Carioca Night with a visit to Rio’s greatest nightlife district for welcome dinner.

II vegetarian & vegan options available II

Day 2) Rio Hot Spots!

Today we will see the most famous landmarks of Rio. Be ready to meet one of the New 7 Wonders of the World: the Christ the Redeemer, one of the largest urban forest in the whole world and take in some breathtaking views along the way. Have your camera ready to take awesome pictures!

The city of Rio offers many treasures for you to discover and explore the city from all sides,

II breakfast & lunch included  – vegan & vegetarian options available II


Day 3) Black History

On day three of this Brazilian adventure, we will go deeper and explore the Black History of Rio.  Many of the enslaved Africans that ended up in Brazil were taken from the same part of Africa as the ancestors of Black Americans.  So to learn of there history is to truly learn of a piece of our own. We will visit some of the African Heritage sites that will give you a unique view many who visit Rio are unaware of.  We will enjoy authentic Afro-Brazilian food and by the way: In Rio everything ends in dance. It’s time you learned to Samba! Class will be in session, so get your energy up!

II breakfast & lunch included – vegan & vegetarian options available II

Day 4) Free Day

Today we will relax and recover from a night of partying or not! It’s carnival, the day will be filled with numerous street parties. Everyone else can be found dancing and partying in the hundreds of blocos / street parties – FOR FREE.

IMG-20180215-WA0045(FYI: Come one come all. The are so many street parties happening.  No matter your age, you are likely to find a street party that appeals to you.)

If partying on the street isn’t really your thing, the lavish Carnival balls may be more your style.  Held throughout the city, these glamorous parties provide an opportunity to pull out your best outfits and celebrate in style.

II breakfast  included II

Day 6) Night Parade

We will get together to watch the joy of Carnival Parade. As we already made our contribution to the Parade.  This night we will see the greatness of the Carnival Parade in Rio de Janeiro. The professionals will show their best performances and the competition is stiff.  It’s lots of fun for us viewers, but the competition is stiff. Who will walk away with the title of champion is the question of the Carnival.

II breakfast included II

Day 5) It’s Carnival Time!

At night, it’s showtime! We will have a truly unique experience where we will take part in the Carnival parade. So brush up on your Portuguese as all instructions will be delivered in country’s language…just kidding…kind of.  We will march and dance in the parade along side our Brazilian brothers and sisters.

This is an incredible experience of a lifetime, thousands of viewers will look at us. You will feel the magic of the moment!  This is the highlight of the Rio Carnival experience.

II breakfast included II

Day 7) Carnival Street party

The streets shut down and cars are replaced with people as the Carnival in the streets provide some of the most electrifying atmospheres of the Rio Carnival experience.  We will get together with personalized costumes to have fun at a traditional bloco where we will enjoy the live music, floats and people from all over the world.

II breakfast includedII


Day 8) See you later, Rio!

It is time to say goodbye to each other and to Rio! Every Carnival has its end. For Brazilians, the year really begins after Carnival. So, we wish you a brilliant 2019

after this remarkable trip.

​II breakfast included II

-Airport Pick-up
-Local Tour Guides
-Onsite staff
-Daily breakfast
-Single / twin room
-Fees for activities listed
-Transportation for group activities
-1 dinner & 2 lunches

Not Included
-Meals that are not listed
-Transportation during free time
-Travel/health insurance
-Passport/visa fees
-Tips for services

Payment Options
Black Travelers does accept payments by instalments if you would like to spread out the cost and pay as you go. Click here to see pricing.

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