Introducing: Iliah Grant Altoro

Iliah Grant Altoro is an Afro-Española, raising three half Puerto Rican children. Iliah’s global curiosity and activism were imparted to her at an early age by her abuelo. He gave her books to read, globes and maps to study, while demanding that she ask hard questions and seek their answers. He taught her to feel deep empathy toward oppressed people in all parts of the world, and to always live her truths even when they are misunderstood by others. He also encouraged her to fully embrace the beauty in her very diverse cultural background, but to keep Africa as the anchor of her soul. These are the same lessons that she passes down to her children.

While in college, Iliah began to travel all over the globe and her worldview was further expanded. While pregnant with her first daughter at the age of 27, she was bombarded with mocking claims that her free-spirited lifestyle was coming to an end, and that she would never travel again. Despite cultural and family pressures to “settle down” and “stay put,” Iliah decided to redefine motherhood for herself. She has since travel to over 30 countries on five continents with her children, Amaris, Ariela and Nasir.

You can follow Iliah’s journey of travel, authentic living and revolutionary motherhood on her blog, Negra Bohemian. She can also be found on social media @negrabohemian.

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