Carnaval en la Punta de los Remedios, La Guajira, Colombia

The famous Carnaval de Barranquilla might take all of the attention in Colombia, but there is a little-known secret about a spectacular carnival experience near the Caribbean sea and beach in La Guajira. La Punta de los Remedios is a small pueblo village within the Dibulla municipality in La Guajira. This location is about 3 hours East of the city of Santa Marta along the Caribbean coast. From the plaza in La Punta, you can see the Sierra Nevada mountains on a clear day. The celebration is held annually on the Sunday before Mardi Gras.

27867904_10211485906044111_6980460315365090493_nLike all carnival celebrations in Colombia, you should expect to have flour, foam, and/or water not just thrown at you, but even smeared on your face. It’s all in good fun, and its done with genuine happiness, just prepare that it will happen no matter what. The more you fight it, the more people will want to target you for extra laughs at your expense. Just cover yourself with flour from the beginning in order to deter problems. Everyone wears bright colored outfits, very similar to what I exhibited in my article about the nearby Carnival celebrations in Dibulla, La Guajira. You will find plenty of musical acts, dance performances, and food & beverages. Sold all over are empanadas, skewers, sausage, fries, and more.

Attending the event with some local Peace Corps colleagues and playing with Dibulla kids like always:

I also got to perform Samba (before I got flour all over me) with the Fundación Carnaval from La Punta. It was an exhilarating presentation, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten to perform in front of so many people and the first time with my new back-piece wings my husband helped me assemble:



Check out these videos from past Carnival celebrations in La Punta:

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