Whether you love it or hate it, social media is here and entirely integrated into every aspect of our society. It is ever-evolving. There always seems to be more and more content overflowing our screens. In 2018, Nielsen’s Total Audience Report indicated that U.S. adults spend on average 10 1/2 hours each day consuming media (social media, streaming, news, etc.). Without a doubt, that number must have increased in 2020. Now the question to you is, how does the content you are scrolling through make you feel? Does it serve a purpose in your life? Does it spark joy? Does it make you laugh? Is it helping you grow? Is it helping you heal? These are essential questions to ask ourselves when we find ourselves in the rabbit hole of scrolling. Here at Travel Latina, we have the honor to connect and follow so many wonderful content creators who are making social media worthwhile. We want to share some of our favorites with you!

Financial Empowerment: @yoquierodineropodcast, @evamacias, @travelercharly, @laurarealtorwithapurpose

Wellness/Self-Care: @LatinxGrief, @LatinxTherapy, @Dancing.Healer

Business/Marketing:, @LatinxMktg, @itsatravelod

Visionaries: @brownbadassbonita, @marivetteinmia, @janelm, @jessiemedinaofficial

Travel: @marty_sandiego, @brown.girl.travels, @viajesconmami, @hownottotravellikeabasicbitch

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