About the Creator

Alexandra Tracy - San Diego, CA
Alexandra “Alé” Tracy Chavarriaga

Born of a Colombian mother and Anglo-US American father, Alé has witnessed a bilingual and bicultural upbringing in mostly the USA. Today, after living in 5 countries, she considers herself a Citizen of the World. Thirsty for adventure, she hopes to inspire Latinxs to explore outside of their comfort zones, connect with & embrace their ancestral roots, and travel the world more consciously. Follow her Instagram @dancing.healer where she is either dancing or explorando. Click here to see her LinkedIn profile.

Countries lived in: USA, México, France, and Colombia (Community Economic Development for the Peace Corps)
Spent significant amount of time in: Brazil for a summer internship
Currently: Washington DC area: Silver Spring, Maryland

Alexandra in Trinidad, Cuba


  1. Martha

    Alexandra, mas fotos y cuando escribes tanto, si estas durmiendo bien. No entiendo, tienes que caminar para ir a clase, el dormitorio no esta cerca de los salones de clase? El lugar se ve absolutamente espectacular. Por favor, mas fotos.

  2. Maria Clara

    Hola mi Amor :

    Estoy muy felíz de verte en las fotos y que estes tan contenta !

    Me gustaría estar en estos momentos contigo y caminar por la ciudad y aprovechar los bonitos días !

    Te quiero mucho !

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