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We are excited to announce a collaboration with V2 Volunteer & Vacation to provide a bespoke Travel experience in Bolivia. We want you to immerse into local culture, discover local traditions and explore the Andes in the hands of experts.  This unique Bolivian Experience is open to limited numbers, forming an intimate group, brought together by their shared love of travel and desire to discover the world the local way! We visit the most fascinating places and include the unique experience of learning and connecting with local people.

Together V2 and Travel Latina  are a team of Latin / Caribbean women based around the world, who have come together with one goal; raising the awareness of cultural immersion trips in Latin America and the Caribbean – encouraging people to travel more!

Destination: Bolivia – [May 25th to May 31st]


Our first Travel experience is to Bolivia, our personal connection to this country enables us to create a bespoke package. Aside from this, Bolivia is fascinating and makes for a must see travel destination. The country is home to almost 10 million people, the majority of which belong to the 36 different ethnic groups, and speak over 30 different languages. Bolivia bursts with a rich cultural heritage and landscapes ranging from the Amazon to the Andes. This landlocked country is a perfect destination to immerse into local culture, discover Latin America’s history before colonial rule and explore the stunning views. If the sites, history, and culture alone don’t spark and interest, here are some interesting facts about this land:

  1. Bolivianas were pioneers! – La Paz, Bolivia’s main city was the first South American city to get an electricity supply, which was powered by llama dung
  2. Bolivians are optimistic – Bolivia is a landlocked country, it lost its coast to Chile in the 19th century, but still has an active Navy in the hope of one day regaining access to the Pacific Ocean
  3. Bolivia loves Nature – Alongside various national parks, the country has the largest butterfly sanctuary in the world
  4. Bolivian roads are unique to say the least Have you ever heard about the Road of Death? It is as bad as it sounds. Classified as the world’s most dangerous roads, today, it’s used mainly for adventure cyclists. Only about 30 percent of roads are paved (mainly in cities)
  5. Bolivia = Indigenous pride – The country has the first indigenous president in Latin America and the Caribbean. Evo Morales belongs to the Aymara ethnic group which have populated the Andean region of Bolivia for the past 5,000 years.

Bolivia is a must!

Experience Bolivia
Culturally connect in Bolivia!  Spend 7 days in an immersive experience, learning, exploring and discovering the truly captivating landscape of the Andes. We will touch down in La Paz, the world’s highest capital, with a week to see so much. This is a fun packed experience, travelling through different climates and cultures! From mountains to jungle we will do it all.


  • Fortune telling using the ancient and mythical coca leaf
  • Visit the sites of ancient civilisations
  • Spend a night on an island in the middle of South America’s largest lake
  • Connect with an Afro-Bolivian community


About Jade Whyne, the Latina behind V2 Volunteer & Vacation

Jade Whyne

Jade Whyne

Jade is the Managing Director of V2 Volunteer & Vacation, a UK company offering travel experiences in the Caribbean and Latin America. Jade grew up in Jamaica, Bolivia and Ecuador.  She has traveled, worked and volunteered across Latin America. She speaks English, Spanish and a little Quechua, learnt from living in an indigenous community in Ecuador between 11 and 19 years old.  Jade has had four nationalities over the past 20 years and comes from a diverse family having British, Jamaican, Bolivian and Chinese in her family. Jade is passionate about women and ethnic minorities’ rights, responsible travel, giving back and showcasing local culture.

Jade sees a V2 partnership with Travel Latina as an opportunity to merge forces and create unique travel experiences for Latina women who want to reconnect with their roots.  It’s a way for us to enjoy, explore and discover our heritage and the diversity that lies within the continent.

Join us from May 25th to May 31st by clicking here for more info!