Free Workshop: Credit Card points with Traveler Charly Money Coach

On July 20th at 8 pm EST / 5 pm PST, we will be offering a FREE virtual workshop with Traveler Charly Money Coach and specifically our founder Ale Tracy Chavarriaga. The workshop will focus on how we have used credit card points to afford our travels, because we’re committed to making travel more accessible through financial literacy.

We will show you how to decide which credit card welcome bonus offers are worth it, how to build your credit score, and debunk common myths around credit cards. 

If you’re interested in learning more about credit card hacking in the smartest ways, don’t miss this FREE workshop! Please sign up for the workshop through this link.

The Latina Helping Other Latinas Reach Their Remote Work Goals

  • It’s been 3 years since we interviewed Andrea Valeria, Remote Work Expert from It’s a Travel O.D. How incredible to observe her progress with her own business, and most importantly how she’s helping people land remote jobs. Recently, she helped 6 Latinas land a remote job after they took her new course. SIX! Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has reached it’s 1-year anniversary, many have had the luxury to work for an employer that has enabled a fully remote work environment. Unfortunately, there are still many non-essential workers who had to attend their jobs in person perhaps because of inflexible and traditional employers, or some were laid off because their employment went out of business with the economic downturn triggered by the pandemic. Andrea wants to help these people land a remote job, and set you up for full time nomadic remote work success for when the pandemic ends and you’re ready to travel all over the world. 

Andrea started with one full-time remote job in 2015. With all the flexibility remote jobs provide and all the time saved in commuting, she had time to begin her platform AND work on her brand. While Andrea is now a self-employed remote worker, she didn’t begin like that and she wants you to know the easiest way to start is by landing a remote job by working for an employer. Andrea shares remote jobs in her directory, including full-time, part-time, for different levels, in different industries. Furthermore, her virtual course will help you prepare and search to actually land a remote job.

Andrea offers a course called “Land Your First Remote Job” for those who have no previous remote work experience and have no idea where to start. There are currently 90+ students enrolled to learn how to land a remotified job. This course is not for people who want to start a business or to be self-employed. The registration to this course includes:

-One year access to all of the videos and course content materials
-6 modules of video lessons
-Workbooks to complete along with the videos
-Templates for remotified resumes (text & design), cover letters, and pitches for email & social media
-Community in a private Facebook group (lifetime access)

It’s possible to either pay this course in full, or pay by installments. If you pay in full, students will receive personalized feedback on resumes created after completing module 5. Andrea will send a video while reviewing your resume with edits and suggestions. This course can be completed at any time and at any pace you choose. If you’re still not sure if you want to take this course, check out Andrea’s free Introductory Training video on how to land a remote job to get a better idea of what you will learn in the course.

Happy Remotifying!

Dominican Heritage Tour by Gerry Isabelle

About Gerry Isabelle


Gerry Isabelle is a Dominican-American traveler, writer, artist and tourism entrepreneur from the Bronx, New York. Her childhood dream of traveling has taken her all over the world, cultivating a particularly strong love and connection for the Dominican Republic and Cuba. Her writing and photography on travel, society and multicultural identity can be found on her platform: Dominican Abroad (website and Instagram).

About Dominican Abroad:

DominicanAbroad Logo - Blue Background

Dominican Abroad is a digital media platform and provider of immersive travel services. On the digital side, that means articles, videos, and photography, related to travel and society. The content includes how-to travel guides and cultural insights through the lens of a multicultural, multilingual, and remote millennial from NYC.

The travel services provided include trips around the world with a focus on Cuba and the Dominican Republic, including a Dominican Heritage Tour that launched in February 2019 and was featured in the New York Times. Dominican Abroad values sustainable and ethical tourism, and strives to lead tourism business into the hands of local small business owners (including local women of color). 

About the Dominican Heritage Tour:

The Dominican Heritage Tour is a culturally immersive and holistic travel experience into different corners of the island. Rather than staying in a gated resort, we are taking you to experience an in-depth side of the country, from countryside rural living… to local hot spots in the country’s capital… to the island’s natural wonders. We’ll get a taste of everything DR has to offer.

untitled (6 of 38)-2This curated experience aims for travelers to more deeply understand and connect with the multicultural influences (African, Taino, and European) that make up much of the rich Dominican heritage. Travelers will learn about more about the complex history of the island while culturally immersing themselves through experiences like cooking lessons in Monte Plata and honoring our Afro-heritage with a Fiesta de Palo or los Congos in Villa Mella. Along the way, we will also meet local Dominican activists and community leaders who we can connect and share with.

For 6 days and 5 nights we’ll explore the following: 

Santo Domingo, Monte Plata & Villa Mella: 


  • Take cooking lessons in the campos of Monte Plata
  • Afro-influenced Fiesta de palo dance ceremony or los Congos in Villa Mella (UNESCO)
  • Walking tours and visits to historic sights
  • Learn a less colonized version of Dominican history
  • Discuss topics in today’s Dominican society with local social activists, community leaders and researchersuntitled (4 of 5)
  • Engage in sustainable travel as we collaborate and work with local entrepreneurs, including WOC
  • Explore Monte Plata’s Socoa Waterfall

Barahona, Los Patos, Pedernales & Bahia de las Aguilas untitled (5 of 43)-2

  • Discover the Dominican southwest
  • Road Trip through the Dominican Riviera
  • Making stops along the way in Barahona for the best mangos in the world, larimar shopping (unique gemstone only found in Barahona, Dominican Republic), and epic views of the Dominican Riviera
  • Los Patos beach & river
  • Boat tour through Laguna de Oviedo + Isla Iguana + natural mud spa
  • Crystal clear Arroyo Salado natural pool
  • Private boat to visit Bahia de las Aguilas — ranked as one of the best beaches in the world

untitled (15 of 35)

Price & Payments

Cost: $900 – Everything included except flights, alcohol, travel insurance, and two meals.

2020 Dates: February 15 to February 20.

The non-refundable deposit is $200 in order to reserve your spot. 

A note on payments and Installments: Dominican Abroad accepts payments by installments, so pay the trip off as you go – the deadline to pay the full amount is January 15, 2020.

Optional Add-On: Wellness Retreat in the Dominican Alps

created by dji cameraSince the tour runs from Saturday (2/15) through Thursday (2/20), travelers will have the weekend to: fly back home, spend time with their families in DR, solo travel on their own, and/or join our long weekend wellness retreat in Jarabacoa. After the Heritage Tour, from Thursday to Sunday, we will be in the quaint Jarabacoa mountain town in the Dominican Alps; staying in a gorgeous hotel by the Jimenoa river. We will embrace wellness by: relaxing, getting massages, checking out the local gastronomy (including gorgeous mountain restaurants) and embracing the Dominican mountainous outdoors. 

Activities include: meditating, yoga, relaxing, horseback riding, hiking, visiting the many nearby waterfalls, paragliding or water rafting, and/or massages.

Early Bird Special

If you book before November 2019, you save $50 off using the code: TRAVELLATINA

Return Policy: The deposit is non-refundable. The rest of the payments are refundable up to 50% if you cancel before January 15, 2020.

For full tour details email for the booklet brochure. 


New Book: Cuentos from the Swamp

Michelle Lizet Flores is a native Floridian and current resident. A graduate of FSU and NYU creative writing programs, she currently works as a teacher fostering the next generation of U.S. American writers. Her poetry and nonfiction have previously been published in magazines and journals such as the Miami Rail, Freeze Ray Poetry, and Cosmonauts Avenue. She is a contributing blogger here on Travel Latina. “Cuentos” is her first chapbook. Find out more at

Cuentos from the Swamp is a compilation of poems, and can be pre-ordered through Finishing Line Press, where shipments are slated to release in October.

Color Headshot Smiling

Michelle Lizet Flores


“Michelle Lizet Flores’ poems, like the forces of nature and history that propel them, masterfully demonstrate that what we take for granted can be lost in an instant, but that calamity is as often a new beginning as an ending. Perhaps their greatest accomplishment is to sing, in every sense of the word, simultaneously of beauty and its dark sides, of griefs and the hope it takes to overcome them, and of what it means to live with intimate knowledge, but without fear, of loss.”
– Andres Rojas, Looking For What Isn’t There

“Cuentos from the Swamp made me feel like I had jumped on a plane to be with familia, but without the hassle or expense. Between mentions of abuela, mango trees, Cuba, Bingo cards, merengue, this book is easy for any U.S. Latinx to relate to. Michelle Flores’ poetry is like smooth Buena Vista Social Club wafting through Caribbean palm trees, her words enticing me to loose myself in my imagination. I love seeing Latin America’s influence on Florida in this way, with the stark contrast of two very different cultures, with a special focus on Cuban culture.”—Alexandra Tracy Chavarriaga, founder of Travel Latina

“From guava and mamey to banyan trees and bougainvillea, these poems are rich with the flora of Florida life, richer still in the people they portray: the friends, the lovers, the old folks, and, mainly, exuberant Michelle Lizet Flores herself, devouring a world her ancestors sought when they came to this country. You can buy a ticket and head south to experience this lushness for yourself, or you can just read this book—it’s all here.”
—David Kirby, Talking About Movies With Jesus and The House on Boulevard St.

Book Cover

Make sure to order your copy of Cuentos from the Swamp! The book can be pre-ordered through Finishing Line Press, where shipments are slated to release in October.

Aventurando en Chile

Don’t let the size and shape of this country deceive you. With a 2,700 mile coastline, Chile contains an immense variety of climates and geographies and deserves a spot on the top of any travel radar.

With bustling cities, internationally acclaimed vineyards, an incredibly varied landscape, adventure activities, archaeological elements, and a booming culinary scene, Chile is a country that has something for everyone.

What to do in Chile
It’s easy to be overwhelmed with all the options for things to do and places to visit in this country, so meeting someone that can help you explore the best spots is a good way to start. Local guide Patricia has been doing exactly that for many years now, and it’s been a great way to combine her passion for wine and history with the love for her home country of Chile. Patricia, ultimately, narrowed down her choices to a tour through the Aconcagua valley which includes a trek to the petroglyphs, Chilean wine tasting and hanging out with penguins.

Her other favorite? A tour that visits the seaside cities of San Antonio and Cartagena where you can enjoy coastal views of the Pacific Ocean. After a city visit, the tour takes you to experience the art of Mapuche weavers, which is an exclusive textile technique by the Mapuche women. This creation of intricate and colorful textiles is one of the best-known arts of the Mapuche culture and incredible to see.

These tours, for Patricia, are her favorite because they combine the extraordinary Chilean nature, indigenous culture, local wine and are just an overall fun outing.

One sensational way to immerse yourself in the Chilean culture is tasting the local food. From the traditional pastel de choclo to the ever popular completo sandwich, Chile is basking in the modern culinary scene.

The bustling city of Santiago is becoming densely populated with five-star restaurants and is experiencing its own “culinary renaissance”. Our food recommendations in Santiago that won’t break the bank? Try José Ramón 277 for some classic Chilean sandwiches or the hip Chipe Libre which has one of the best pisco sour and ceviche combos in town!

If you need more culinary options, check out Decanter’s list of the 10 best restaurants in Santiago.


If cultural history is more of a draw for you, Chile is brimming with ancient dwellings. If you want history, you can visit the Mapuche villages of Southern Chile, explore the streets of the historic port city of Valparaiso, or tour the intriguing moai statues on Rapa Nui (Easter Island) in the Pacific Ocean.

The Chug Chug geoglyphs in the Atacama Desert are the most important of their kind in Chile. Geoglyphs are “figures etched on the earth” and have been dated back to 900-1550 A.D. Because of the “favorable geological and climatic conditions” these fragile glyphs have been naturally maintained and kept in good condition. If you want to read more about the Chug Chug geoglyphs, the World Monument Fund has great information here.

The Mapuche are the largest indigenous culture in Chile and located in the southern regions of the country – especially the La Araucanía region – about 700 km south of Santiago. Mapuche, the name, actually encompasses many indigenous groups throughout Chile and Argentina, the majority are located in Chile’s south-central zone.

The traditional practice of natural medicine is one of the most prevalent and visible aspects of the Mapuche culture that can still be found in present-day Chile. Weaving is also a vital practice to the Mapuche women and the techniques and patterns have been passed down to younger generations for centuries.

If you are interested in the Mapuche culture, there are many opportunities to interact with them in an ethnotour. These tours make it possible to visit a traditional Mapuche ruka or house, learn their language, watch their weavers make exquisite textiles and just better understand their culture and beliefs.

The diverse landscape of Chile will have you exploring every corner of this country. From the north where the driest desert in the world is to the of the volcanoes of Patagonia (where 10% of the world’s active volcanoes are located), this country truly holds beauty for everyone.

Below you can find a summary of the best landscapes and views to see while visiting this fantastic country.

  • The Atacama Desert is located south of the Peruvian border and stretches 600 miles south along Chile and is known to be the driest place on earth.
  • If you keep traveling south from here you will hit the Central Valley which holds Chileans renowned wine regions. Our recommendation is to take the Pan-American Highways which takes you through lovely colonial villages contained adobe houses and rural areas that celebrate the Chilean cowboy culture.
  • From Central Valley, you can travel further south where you can experience the Araucanía Region where lakes, volcanoes, rainforests, and views of the Andes run rampant.
  • After this, you should find yourself in the immensely popular (and for good reason) Patagonia region. Glacial fjords, arid steppes, grasslands and the pinnacles of Fitz Roy are only some of the highlights that await you here.

If these scenic options don’t strike your fancy, you can check out the islands of Rapa Nui in Oceania where you are bound to get history, scenic views, and incredible experiences.

Exploring Chile like a local
As you can see, there are many ways to discover the true Chilean culture. Whether it’s tasting the famous culinary scene, learning from the indigenous population or traveling through Patagonia, you’ll be blown away by the beauty in every corner.

If we’ve convinced you of visiting Chile on your next vacation, take advantage of every minute there and let a local, like Patricia, show you around. After all, who better to help you make the best of the experience than someone who’s passionate about their country? And who knows, you may get more than a guide – you may make a friend.


Written by Ashley Winder

Introducing: Elizabeth Garcia

Her name is Elizabeth Garcia, but she goes by Elisabet or Lisa. A young U.S. based multicultural Latina with family dispersed throughout the Americas, but originally from México and Chile. From East L.A. and coming from two consecutive generations of immigrant women, Lisa has travelled very little for just tourism, but more so for her studies and to meet her families, on a mission to connect herself to them and her roots. This mission has led Lisa on a journey of logging her families’ oral histories, and conducting genealogical research and ancestrological work, which she does as side projects that consume her interest in understanding and resolving intergenerational trauma on an international level. 

After two years in total of studying abroad in Brazil, México and Chile, this coming year she will be completing her fifth year in college and receiving her undergraduate degree in anthropology from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Lisa’s dreams and goals include becoming a novelist and published author, working to help others realize their right to move freely between invisible international borders, and someday coming back to permanently live in her countries of origin – ideally spending half the year in México, half the year in Chile and skipping winter altogether (or spending the winter holidays with her family in Southern Califoria, which is still skipping out on the cold). 

Follow her on IG @elisabet.raquel

Introducing: Iliah Grant Altoro

Iliah Grant Altoro is an Afro-Española, raising three half Puerto Rican children. Iliah’s global curiosity and activism were imparted to her at an early age by her abuelo. He gave her books to read, globes and maps to study, while demanding that she ask hard questions and seek their answers. He taught her to feel deep empathy toward oppressed people in all parts of the world, and to always live her truths even when they are misunderstood by others. He also encouraged her to fully embrace the beauty in her very diverse cultural background, but to keep Africa as the anchor of her soul. These are the same lessons that she passes down to her children.

While in college, Iliah began to travel all over the globe and her worldview was further expanded. While pregnant with her first daughter at the age of 27, she was bombarded with mocking claims that her free-spirited lifestyle was coming to an end, and that she would never travel again. Despite cultural and family pressures to “settle down” and “stay put,” Iliah decided to redefine motherhood for herself. She has since travel to over 30 countries on five continents with her children, Amaris, Ariela and Nasir.

You can follow Iliah’s journey of travel, authentic living and revolutionary motherhood on her blog, Negra Bohemian. She can also be found on social media @negrabohemian.

Conexión Latinx: Salento Workshop Recap

It took us 8 months to finally recap on our amazing trip experience in Salento, Colombia with Scarlet Macaw Trips, but better late than never! Our first and so far only TL workshop collaboration trip was both a learning experience and a success. The following is a summary of TL’s role in the trip.

Our main objectives: Womxn were brought together for networking, womxn supporting womxn, healing, connecting with ancestral roots, using the fertile earth of Salento as a metaphor, and goal-setting during this space while exploring a new area together.


TL offered 3 workshops in order to complete objectives and build relationships:

  1. Yoga Improvisation: Cici, a yoga-certified instructor, was unable to join the trip in the end, so Alexandra replaced her. Ale has more dance teaching experience, but she does like to incorporate Meditation and Yoga with dance. She didn’t know the names of poses, but she did great with everyone’s help! The important part is that the yoga session most definitely flowed. Ale made sure to do a lot of heart openers, bringing awareness to the fertile land with physical grounding exercises while on our bare feet or while our hands touched the ground, and releasing tension from our hips.
  2. Ancestral and Meditation Exercise: Ale lead into the grounding exercise where everyone was organized in a circle in order to face each other, and also the ancestral altar was organized with everyone’s items together in the middle. First, she lead them to close their eyes and perform a grounding exercise with the group where we imagine energy replenishing us from Pachamama with roots coming out of the bottom of our bodies, energy from above, and then we increased interconnectedness by passing the energy around the circle several times and counterclockwise too. After that, we each introduced ourselves and introduced each of our ancestors we wanted to bring on our journey. It was surprising to see each and every person share very intimate stories, therefore it was was wonderful to see that people felt it was a safe space to be vulnerable with each other. Due to unforeseen circumstances in the land of some of the greatest quantities of exotic flowers, we couldn’t find any sold in Salento! Next time: flowers and other ofrenda are a MUST!


Example of a flower ofrenda we can organize for the next Ancestors & Meditation excercise

****Major Observations From This Exercise****

  • Adriana brought homemade essential oils for each person attending, like palo santo or lavender.
  • Lorena pointed out that there was exactly 11 of us together on the trip in total, a very spiritual number!
  • Michelle brought zodiac astrology sign erasers to share with everyone.
  • Two white butterflies entered our circle and flew through the middle, a symbol of purity (or a clean slate) and transformation.
  • Coincidentally, a total of 4 people who were in attendance are Therapists/Psychologists

3. Speed-Dating, Elevator Speech, & Goal-Setting Workshops: it was inspiring to see what people’s passion projects and future entrepreneurial goals were. Everyone shared, and also provided feedback for each other. We invoked our Ancestors in order to help further our goals. Some people even came-up with ideas during the workshops, including the recent #Healing4Healers trip initiative. Saturday, March 31st, coincidentally a Full Moon, people had to start reflecting on and writing their goals for a specific goal-setting workshop the next day Sunday. The full moon is a time to reflect on things that are blocking you from your goals. The new moon is perfect for setting goals, while the full moon is best for letting things go.


Saturday, March 31st Full Moon

~*Nature Observations*~: There were two white butterflies that entered our grounding meditation circle and flew through the middle. Later on during that trip, Ale saw a white dove flying over us in the Salento pueblo plaza, a bird she had never seen in real life. Coincidentally, we had a full moon the night we had to reflect on what goals we wanted to set, reminding us that we needed to focus on letting go of the blockages. A lot of rainfall was observed, which served as a metaphorical cleansing for the group, and then finally on the last full day together, Sunday, we had the most amount of sun out of all of the days. Sahara kept saying she wanted to see a hummingbird the whole trip, and we finally saw one at the finca coffee tour. It was magical!

Our trip was unforgettable. Between the hike at Valle de Cocora, the leather making workshop, the finca coffee tour, and much much more, we had a wonderful time! We hope to work with Scarlet Macaw Trips again in the future, and/or provide more workshop collaborations.

Through this workshop I was able to dedicate 5 days to myself and to support other women, no help create a no-judgement space and to be comfortable speaking my passions, dreams, fears, out loud. The workshops and the conversations with all the women help me realize that I can achieve certain things that seem unrealistic and silly before. Since the trip, I’ve been more verbal and enthusiastic about my intentions to start a business in Colombia, and people have been more receptive to this idea.”

“It was wonderful to meet others with similarities in background and identity markers and who also shared similar values. I appreciated the chance to candidly share about my personal and professional journeys and receive support from a group who really “got” it. I’m taking away a greater sense of confidence after experiencing that kind of support.”

“I think there was a perfect balance of planned activities and free time. I appreciate your efforts to make it fun and yet fruitful. I think there is so much potential for future workshops and other traveling ideas. Ale and Sahara, I have so much faith in your projects and cannot wait to see them blossom, I admire your work, tenacity and dedication to your passions and projects. This trip and all of its fruits are thanks to you […] THANK YOU.”

“It was really affordable which is great, I hope that you also get to make so profit from future trips because you are putting A LOT of labor into in. But in general the experience and the relationships I built no tiene precio!”

“You’ll see me at some of your future trips 🙂 and I hope that we also get to meet in other countries for workshops 🙂 Thank you for making this trip a reality! That’s in itself an inspiration to see a passion project modelled!”

Introducing: Michelle Lizet Flores

Being a native Floridian and current resident, Michelle Lizet Flores is happy to have returned to the land where trees don’t sleep. She is a Cuban-American from Miami, a graduate of FSU and NYU creative writing programs, and currently works as a 5th grade teacher where she fosters the next generation of American writers. She has previously been published in magazines such as The Miami RailFreezeRay, and The Bookends Review. She has also traveled to over 16 countries and territories, 23 states, and is working on visiting every National Park in the US. You can find her on most social media with the name @shellyflowers. Find out more at


Michelle, her daughter, and her cousin, Celene, before a hike to the farm.

Rio Carnival 2019 by Carina Santos – Black Travelers


Carina is a Brasileira passionate about travel, so when she decided to follow her passions, she decided to work in tourism. With ten years of experience in this industry, travel agencies, events and armed with extensive education and planning, she acquired a complete know-how and vision of the entire sector. As an Aquarian, she has always cherished the freedom of being, creativity in relationships, and changes in time. With an entrepreneurial vision, she knew that she had to create a project in line with her style.

Black (3)

Black Travels: Why and How did it start?
Black Travelers gained momentum after Carina’s trip to Europe in 2015. During this time she traveled to 7 countries, met many people from different parts of the world and saw some Black people, though not many. As a result, she thought of something that could make a difference when it came to connecting Black people who travel around the world. Something which allowed them to share their experiences and offering a differentiated travel service in Brazil, revealing its rich Afro-Brazilian culture through local experiences, connecting them to real Brazil that is not presented in travel guides.

The Beija-Flor samba school parades during the Rio de Janeiro's Carnival

Rio Carnival 2019 Trip
What better way to visit Brazil than for Rio de Janeiro’s carnival? Black Traveler’s has organized a robust 7-day trip to enjoy the beauty and celebration of the world’s most famous Carnival:

Day 1) Welcome Dinner – Welcome to Brazil!

Upon arrival you will be met at the airport by Black Travelers representatives and transported to your accommodations.   It’s time to feel the energy of the Marvelous City!

At nightfall, we’ll gather for a true Carioca Night with a visit to Rio’s greatest nightlife district for welcome dinner.

II vegetarian & vegan options available II

Day 2) Rio Hot Spots!

Today we will see the most famous landmarks of Rio. Be ready to meet one of the New 7 Wonders of the World: the Christ the Redeemer, one of the largest urban forest in the whole world and take in some breathtaking views along the way. Have your camera ready to take awesome pictures!

The city of Rio offers many treasures for you to discover and explore the city from all sides,

II breakfast & lunch included  – vegan & vegetarian options available II


Day 3) Black History

On day three of this Brazilian adventure, we will go deeper and explore the Black History of Rio.  Many of the enslaved Africans that ended up in Brazil were taken from the same part of Africa as the ancestors of Black Americans.  So to learn of there history is to truly learn of a piece of our own. We will visit some of the African Heritage sites that will give you a unique view many who visit Rio are unaware of.  We will enjoy authentic Afro-Brazilian food and by the way: In Rio everything ends in dance. It’s time you learned to Samba! Class will be in session, so get your energy up!

II breakfast & lunch included – vegan & vegetarian options available II

Day 4) Free Day

Today we will relax and recover from a night of partying or not! It’s carnival, the day will be filled with numerous street parties. Everyone else can be found dancing and partying in the hundreds of blocos / street parties – FOR FREE.

IMG-20180215-WA0045(FYI: Come one come all. The are so many street parties happening.  No matter your age, you are likely to find a street party that appeals to you.)

If partying on the street isn’t really your thing, the lavish Carnival balls may be more your style.  Held throughout the city, these glamorous parties provide an opportunity to pull out your best outfits and celebrate in style.

II breakfast  included II

Day 6) Night Parade

We will get together to watch the joy of Carnival Parade. As we already made our contribution to the Parade.  This night we will see the greatness of the Carnival Parade in Rio de Janeiro. The professionals will show their best performances and the competition is stiff.  It’s lots of fun for us viewers, but the competition is stiff. Who will walk away with the title of champion is the question of the Carnival.

II breakfast included II

Day 5) It’s Carnival Time!

At night, it’s showtime! We will have a truly unique experience where we will take part in the Carnival parade. So brush up on your Portuguese as all instructions will be delivered in country’s language…just kidding…kind of.  We will march and dance in the parade along side our Brazilian brothers and sisters.

This is an incredible experience of a lifetime, thousands of viewers will look at us. You will feel the magic of the moment!  This is the highlight of the Rio Carnival experience.

II breakfast included II

Day 7) Carnival Street party

The streets shut down and cars are replaced with people as the Carnival in the streets provide some of the most electrifying atmospheres of the Rio Carnival experience.  We will get together with personalized costumes to have fun at a traditional bloco where we will enjoy the live music, floats and people from all over the world.

II breakfast includedII


Day 8) See you later, Rio!

It is time to say goodbye to each other and to Rio! Every Carnival has its end. For Brazilians, the year really begins after Carnival. So, we wish you a brilliant 2019

after this remarkable trip.

​II breakfast included II

-Airport Pick-up
-Local Tour Guides
-Onsite staff
-Daily breakfast
-Single / twin room
-Fees for activities listed
-Transportation for group activities
-1 dinner & 2 lunches

Not Included
-Meals that are not listed
-Transportation during free time
-Travel/health insurance
-Passport/visa fees
-Tips for services

Payment Options
Black Travelers does accept payments by instalments if you would like to spread out the cost and pay as you go. Click here to see pricing.