No Stress

I forgot a great techno song that they play here all the time. Laurent Wolf is French but he sings in English, like many French artists. Enjoy…. especially if you are really stressed out (for all of my Michiganders going through midterms right now):

Laurent Wolf – No Stress

Musique Populaire

Following is a list of recommended music that was popular during my study abroad time 208-2009:

Zaho – La Roue Tourne (which means “the road changes”)

I like to think of this artist at the Alicia Keys in French, she has some smooth RnB. She was born in Algeria and now lives in Montreal, Canada. My favorite part of the song is at about 1 minute.

Lea Castel – Presse De Vivre (which translates into “pressed to live”)

Stanislas – La Belle de Mai (the beauty of May)

This is a very poetic and beautiful song. Gives me goosebumps, so please listen.

Gregoire – Toi + Moi (you plus me)

I find this one very fun and like taking a little skip with your boo through the park on a sunny day.

Kylian Mash & Laurent Konrad – C’est beau la bourgeoisie (the high-class is beautiful)

I DO NOT recommend this for everyone. Techno is REALLY big here, so for those of you who like going to the club and dancing this is for you. I would compare this to the likes of Lady Gaga. Let’s Dance.

How I relate to Brigitte Bardot…



-Mambo scene from Et Dieu…Crea la Femme

(Apart from portraying a promiscuous wife in the movie, being slapped by her husband in the clip, and being quite racist in real life…)

You see the Cuban Mambo (or Latin) musicians playing for Brigitte, a French character, to dance to.

It is inverted for me. This next year, my life in France symbolizes my dance floor, the constant yet incomprehensible French spoken around me will represent the music played for me, and this time I (the Latina) will be enticed to proceed no matter what tries to intrude.