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Latina Magazine

“Travel Latina shows just how far and wide Latina pride can reach.”
-Alexis Morillo in “You Need to Follow this Instagram Account Featuring Globe-Trotting Latinas”

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“We asked 10 travel bloggers whose advice we trust about where they would go if they knew their next trip would be their last.”
-Jesse Sposato in “Dream Bucket List Destinations” from Refinery29


“Travel Latina is simply another home for Latinx bloggers and travelers to share with their community and bask in their mutual wanderlust to see the world and spread positivity.”
-Daniela Cabrera in “Instagram to Follow: Travel Latina” from Remezcla
Cindy Díaz in “9 US cities every Latina should road trip to in her 20s”
Cindy Díaz in “12 travel bloggers told us the one US city you have to visit this year”

POPSUGAR.jpg“As the founder of the @Travel_Latina account (which you should go follow, like, right now, by the way), it would be pretty impossible to talk about influential Latinx travel Instagrammers and not include Colombian-American Alexandra Chavarriaga” – Lauren Cocking from POPSUGAR



Article 1: “Latina Women Travelers: Documenting Our Stories” by Damaly Gonzalez from Hip Latina

Article 2: “In my quest to find Latina travelers, I came across three exceptionally powerful and inspiring women who are changing the face of travel through writing and cultural exploration.”
-Damaly Gonzalez in “Latina #Travel Series 1: A discussion with Alexandra Tracy of Travel Latina” from Hip Latina

Article 3: “4 Things You Must Do if You Want to Work and Travel” by Vianessa Castaños
“Get your travel questions answered in groups like Viajeras: a Travel Latina community

Article 4: “The 5 Best Online Communities for Female Travelers” by Vianessa Castaños