Introducing: Erika del Cid

Erika is a Virginian with Salvadoran parents. Her love for international travel began when she was an exchange student in Hyderabad, India. After finishing undergrad, she moved to a small town in northern Spain where she was an assistant English teacher at two elementary schools. She later went back to the US and worked as a Parent Liaison where her job was to help immigrant students and their families understand and navigate the US school system. After two years of working in the US, she longed to be abroad so she packed her bags and went to Mexico City to study Spanish at UNAM. Afterwards, she volunteered at an organization on the coast of Ecuador and had the chance to backpack through Peru and Colombia.

She is currently a Master’s student studying migration at the University of Copenhagen. Her focus is the process of identity construction of the 2nd generation immigrants and individuals who either call “home” to many places or nowhere.

In her spare time she likes to read fiction and non-fiction, go dancing, try new foods, and explore her current home, Denmark.

You can check out her Instagram where she posts pictures of her travel at @erikaaa_d and read her writings at

Introducing: Monica Hernandez

I am excited to announce yet another new blog contributor. Monica Hernandez identifies as a Chicana “ni de aquí, ni de allá” mujer born and raised in Southern California. Born with an adventurous soul and a hunger for knowledge, she moved to New York City to pursue a teaching career. In 2015, she set a goal to dust her passport and travel the world, one country at a time. Since then, she has traveled to 10 countries and is passionate about learning new cultures and the way other people live.

Su cultural mexicana, passion for feminism, and dream of liberating women of color, gave birth to her blog You can read her thoughts and tales there about traveling and follow her love for life on her instagram @monimonmon_ 

Feel free to read her first Travel Latina post about her trip to Thailand.