Bienvenue à Marseilles

I am so lucky! I had the greatest Frenchie in the world, Julie, to show me around town for the 2 days I stayed in Marseilles. In the photo above, we were walking on the promenade by the Mediterranean coast (AND YES far-away-ROOMIE, I AM WEARING THE DRESS YOU GAVE ME! Bethany Rickwald is boss.)

I only had time to walk around Marseilles a little bit only because I was suffering from Jet lag the first day. I didn’t get to see very many things, but of course I got to see the coast and the beach (for those of you who know me well…).

I think I suffered my first case of culture shock, only it was a small false alarm. It was a great experience staying with Julie’s family. They were so generous, and Madame Mandoyan cooked spectacular, a french version of my mom (wine, cheese, portion of meat, veggies, and fruit…and and don’t forget the important french bread! ‘Tis a sin to forget le baguette). I found myself already starting to think more in French and speak it more. The problem was I was having a hard time understanding her parents, and therefore I was getting very frustrated. Lo and behold, Julie tells me, “You know my parents have accents right?” Her parents are originally from Armenia, and so that explains the accent that made it hard for me to understand. PHEW, I can understand French! 😀

I took a panoramic picture of the view from the Mandoyan’s house. They had a breathtaking view from their backyard, and of course I had to take it. On the far right you can see the Mediterranean Sea with the Château d’If (the prison from the Legend of Count of Monte Cristo) and on the coast is Notre Dame de la Gare, a renown cathedral. To the left would be on your way to Aix-en-Provence, which takes about 20 minutes. Click below to see the panoramic picture in a separate window.

View of Marseilles from Mandoyan Residence

View of Marseilles from Mandoyan Residence