Recap of Our Meet-Up in Los Angeles: Envision & Manifest

Viajerxs from the Travel Latina community got together for lunch and a vision board workshop last year on February 3rd, 2018 and we’re finally sharing a recap of the event. Thank you everyone who joined such a fun day. Thanks to Hostelling International Santa Monica for giving us a space to host this event, and Laura Gonzalez for giving the vision board workshop.

First we ate brunch together at Lula Cocina Mexicana just a couple of blocks away from the main venue where we actually held the workshop:

Then we walked over to Hostelling International:


The lovely Laura Gonzalez explained the activity to us:

Now we get to work:

The final products:


Thanks to our amazing volunteer event organizers Laura and Cindy Medina:

NYC Meetup Pics & A New Resource Group for Viajeras!

Travel Latina has its first NYC Meetup last month, and the event was a blast!

Damaly arranged for a wonderful tour of the Spanish Harlem Murals and our group walked around on a gorgeous, early fall day to enjoy some of the area’s rich culture and history.

We rounded out the day with a talk led by Monica, and we all agreed that we’re all very happy to find a network of women who share a love of travel. It was great to see something new in the city, but also meet real Latinas who are better representations than those we see in media. We’re really happy to meet our community members!

We’ve created a new Facebook Group for your fellow viajeras that’s all about talking travel. Check it out!

Here are some fantastic pics by Fredelinda and Victoria, and we hope you join us for the next one.

Where should we meet up  next? Let us know in the comments!




NYC Meetup 10/23: FREE Spanish Harlem Mural Tour

Hey Travel Latina friends!

We’re having a super cool, two-part meetup on Sunday, October 23rd from 12-3pm, starting in Spanish Harlem and ending at the Conservatory Garden in Central Park. It’s FREE and open to everyone!

Join NYC area locals and Travel Latina writers Damaly, Monica, and Victoria for a tour through a neighborhood rich with Latino culture and history for a special look at their murals. We’ll start the first hour and a half at 103rd and Lexington, meeting at the Pedro Pietri Mural that’s right off the 6 train. Bring your cameras!

Then we’ll hangout and talk all things travel in Central Park on 104th and 5th ave. We’re excited to get to know you and connecting, so wrapping things up at 3pm is flexible if we’re having too much fun!

Register here to let us know you’re joining.
We’re excited to travel with you!

Can’t make it? We’ll be sharing our day with
Facebook Live and snapping a story on Instagram.


About Us

Damaly Gonzalez
, a Puerto Rican-New Yorker, is a Culture writer who travels and writes about the Latino community, displacement and identity and other related topics with purpose while being conscious, progressive, and nonconformist, empowering not only Latinos but being impactful on a global scale, reporting from the capital of the world, New York City.

She is currently the Global Ambassador of the Women in Travel Summit 2017. She was the founder of, an online cultural travel guide that connects the traveler to an authentic Caribbean experience.

Victoria Gonzalez
is a Colombian-American writer who is most inspired by hearing the stories of people and places. Her passion for history and travel comes together in a love she calls “histourism”, and her blog shares her experiences and photographs. She would always rather be outside, loves a weekend road trip, and also plays roller derby.

In 2016, she was selected for the National Park Foundation’s #FYPx Expedition and traveled to the San Francisco Bay Area to explore and share National Park Service sites.

Monica Hernandez
identifies as Chicana and was born with an adventurous soul. She is originally from Southern California but traded Daisy Dukes for Parka Coats in 2012 and moved to New York City to pursue a teaching career.

In 2015, she set a goal to dust her passport and travel the world, one country at a time. Since then, she has traveled to 19 countries and is passionate about learning new cultures and the way other people live.

Spanish Harlem, known as El Barrio or East Harlem, runs from 96th Street to the 140s Streets. It is one of the most prominent Latino communities in New York City. The population is predominantly Puerto Rican with a continuous migration of Dominicans, Mexicans and Salvadorans in the area. The diversity of the people in El Barrio have influenced the murals painted on the buildings.