Introducing: Chantal Jemmott

Here is what Chantal has said about her journey that brought her to join Travel Latina:

“I was born in Panama, from a mestiza mom and an “Afro-Antillean” descent dad, for this reason and the fact of living in Panama, an area of ​​great ethnic and cultural diversity; I developed since childhood a curiosity to different cultures.

I was one of the people in charge of a youth group for about four years, which, developed in me the desire to create and promote change and results. With a strong desire to promote art and culture, I’m always up to speak up and generate results. I’m a Feminist, trying to empower women and men in the same direction. I decided recently to let my natural hair grow and since then, my sense of belonging to be Black and Latina increases. I believe that learning to value your roots is one of the best adventures of life

I discovered my passion for design and all kinds of visual communication for several years now, until I finally got my degree as a graphic designer at the USMA, Panama. Design took me to my first trip, Buenos Aires – Argentina, attending to the Encuentro Latinoamericano de Diseño at the University of Palermo, where my passion for design and  adventure made me fall in love with Latin America, traveling, el calor latino, languages, food, photography and fiesta! Since then the next plan is always traveling, promoting domestic tourism, loving my country, and continuing to learn and appreciate how wonderful it is to meet people from everywhere.

I currently work in publishing design for a moving magazine, with a content that continues to fuel my desire to travel, being in contact with people from all continents through the magazine.

I believe that the best of each country is ALWAYS its people, I have traveled to Mexico, Costa Rica and I’m ready for my next destination: Colombia! So here I am just starting this adventure with the purpose of learning throughout Latin America and all the places I can.”

You can follow Chantal’s instagram @chantalm_