Introducing: Victoria Gonzalez

Victoria Gonzalez is a Colombian American writer from NJ that’s been traveling non-stop since falling hard for the adventure of the unknown. She studied Journalism and Anthropology as an undergrad at Rutgers University and has worked in broadcast TV and higher education. Her dedication to learning and love of history can be seen in her history based travel blog that focuses on finding stories in the context of their original physical environment. The rule is that you have to be able to walk the same ground upon which history occurred. It’s a photo heavy passion that’s taken her to almost 30 countries!

When not jet lagged or road tripping, she plays roller derby and works with WFTDA, the governing body of the rapidly growing Women’s sport. She’s known as “Tacocat” when on skates, and hopes to play for Team Colombia one day in the Roller Derby World Cup. She’s got two adopted dogs, one of which she rescued from the Dominican Republic and named “Chinola”, or “passion fruit”. She currently resides in Perugia, Italy and can be found on Instagram (link to @Victoriaously) and